TitleAccount Manager, Analytics
Department Name
Magento is seeking an Account Manager to join our Philadelphia office! In this role, you will foster relationships with a global base of clients, as well as be responsible for managing both individual contacts and the client’s business as a whole,collaborating on analytics strategy for their long-term success.
You use data to make decisions in your life. You are an expert in keeping in touch with friends and business contacts in a meaningful way. You’re a little bit obsessed with what makes businesses tick. You love using technology to solve problems.
This is a Customer Success role that goes beyond the “person management” and upselling of a typical Account job to include technical training and data analysis. Our Account Managers are the #1 most-experienced users of our platform and they bring that expertise to our clients every day.
You will work with established clients to understand the data that is most important to their success.
You will act as a strategic partner to help them prioritize goals, consolidate data, form
hypotheses, create analysis, and make decisions. 
You’ll work to understand how their business changed as a result of their data-driven actions - and start to form their next hypothesis!
Your goal is to expand each client’s use of our platform, add additional users at their company, and help them evolve their business. 
Ultimately, you’ll create powerful advocates for our brand who will easily say “yes” when you ask them to renew.
This position is at least 50% live interaction with clients. We have a global client-base, so you won’t have face-to-face meetings with your clients. Instead, you will hold account calls, have Skype chats, lead on-screen trainings, and troubleshoot by email.
Your specific responsibilities will include:
● Executing strategy for accounts based on priorities established in our sales process
● Working with Analysts to transform data to support the client’s analytical goals
● Digging deeply into customer data to identify ongoing opportunities for analysis
● Triaging technical questions to connect clients with internal resources
● Leading financial conversations around subscription renewal, upsells, and consulting
Here are a few skills that we know make for successful Account Managers at Magento
● Problem-solving for challenges where there is no "right" answer
● Amazing time management and prioritization skills
● Concise and engaging speaking skills and written communication
● Comfortable leading presentations and trainings
● Motivated and proactive in relation to client interaction
● Despite it not being your profession, you still enjoy math, statistics, analysis, and other technical challenges
● Understanding the fundamentals of databases, eCommerce sales, or digital advertising